The Cobogó is the name given to the panels of ceramic block, widely used in the 20s by engineers Amadeu Oliveira Coimbra, Ernest August Boeckmann and Antonio de Gois, who patented the name with the initials of their surnames, also accepts combogó grammatical form, is an invention of Pernambuco, inspired muxarabis, plots castings wood, much used in Moorish architecture, this early colonization of Pernambuco, with the intent to maintain privacy without compromising brightness and visibility from the inside of the building.
The cobogós were and still are widely used in facades and partitions as in indoor environments. They allow a “breach” of direct sunlight and also a better use of natural ventilation.

A great element to the warm regions. Without forgetting the visual that creates the environment or building.

A refinement in the mix of solids and voids to a wall of holes elements can create in your environment.

 The Element V:

The Element V , specializes in the creation, development and manufacture of panels of ceramic blocks.
Our lines have classical solutions, innovative and contemporary for architecture, design and interior decor.

We work with classical models of already established “cobogós”, but also reinvented some parts abusing
brightly colored shapes in the present moment more contextualized architecture. Check every detail in our lines
Sphera, Quadratto, Lunna, Vintage, Foglio, Stella, Decorato and Exclusive.

Our products are geared to professionals in the architecture, designers and connoisseurs concept Cobogó.
Marvel at the simplicity of Sphera, with asymmetry Quadratto with the subtlety of Lunna, with “dé Javu” the
Vintage, with the beauty of the Foglio and your best interpretation for cobogós at Exclusive.

The Element V  aims to meet and satisfy customers through innovative products, providing more colorful and sustainable environments.

Be reference in the creation and development of Cobogó. Contribute to the development of ceramic industry seeking quality products and adding value.

– Customer satisfaction with quality products.
– Coloring environments through sustainable elements.
– Expand, consolidating trends.

– Being enterprising and creative.
– Act with integrity to build trust